Linja Meller (vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, trumpet, mandolin), Valerie Meller (violin, backing vocals), Claudia Neudecker (electric guitar, mandolin), Vincent Obwegeser (bass, percussion), Wolfgang Kurz (drums)


Blushing Melons is an Austrian folk rock band that has recorded four studio albums and toured throughout Europe. They have been creating their own music for over ten years, their fourth Album entitled "Soulcity" presents the band as a collective consistent in their style, somewhere between folk and rock.


Their latest album "Soulcity" is a utopia, sometimes seeming dystopic. It's a journey through human lives, dreams and the agonies of love. The essence of its music is melody, sustained by strong vocals and extravagant instrumentation. The foundation of drums, bass, guitars and violin is complemented by the selective use of mandolin, bouzouki, trumpet, percussions and vocal looping. The lyrics seem to hover above the instruments, thereby creating atmosphere and always telling stories. It's a unique sound, yet down-to-earth and unaffected. Multifaceted influences are brought together and set to a whole complete in itself, intense and heart-touching.